Fare Freight

Fare Freight Privacy Policy

Data Minimization: Fare Freight is committed to collecting only the data necessary to optimize shipping services, adhering to Shopify’s data minimization principle.

Transparency: We inform our users about the types of data collected and the purposes for which it is processed, ensuring transparency and understanding.

Security: Implementing strong security measures, we protect data both at rest and in transit, aligning with Shopify’s stringent encryption requirements.

Merchant Consent and Data Use: We respect merchant decisions regarding data processing and sharing, processing data only for the stated purposes and applying customer consent decisions where applicable.

Data Retention: Personal data is retained only as long as needed for the specified purposes, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or inappropriate processing.

Privacy Agreements: We maintain privacy and data protection agreements with merchants, clearly outlining data processing details, legal roles, responsibilities, and retention periods.

Staff Access Controls: Access to customer data is strictly limited to authorized staff, ensuring data integrity and preventing unauthorized processing.

Incident Response: An established security incident response policy is in place to effectively manage potential data breaches.

Compliance with Level 1 and 2 Requirements: Fare Freight complies with both Level 1 and Level 2 requirements set by Shopify, including encryption of data backups, separate test and production data, a data loss prevention strategy, and strong passwords for staff accounts.

Data Protection Review: We are prepared for detailed reviews of our practices to ensure compliance with Shopify’s protected customer data requirements.