Fare Freight

Why choose us?

Easy Integration with Shopify

Hassle-free setup. This means you can start shipping heavy items quickly without the need for complicated configurations.

Automated Shipping Solutions

Automates the shipping process. From calculating the most efficient rates based on weight, dimensions, and destination, to selecting the appropriate packaging

Advanced Shipping Calculations

Accurate and flexible shipping calculations at your fingertips. Fare Freight's advanced algorithm considers weight, dimensions, package type, and destination to provide the most efficient and cost-effective shipping options.

Specialized in Heavy Item Shipping

Navigate the complexity of shipping heavy items with ease. Fare Freight is your go-to solution for bulky, oversized packages, offering specialized logistics and support tailored to handle heavyweight shipments effortlessly.

Supported Shipping Companies

Supported Shipping Brokers

100% Match of Brokers rates

How it works!


Install the Fare Freight App

Begin by installing the Fare Freight app on your Shopify store. Our user-friendly setup guides you through a quick and effortless installation process. With just a few clicks, you're on your way to simplifying the shipping of heavy items.


Enter Your Shipping Provider API

Once the app is installed, enter the API details of your preferred shipping provider. Fare Freight is designed to work with a wide range of carriers, specializing in heavy item logistics. This step ensures that your store is directly connected to your chosen shipping service, enabling real-time rate calculation and shipping updates.


Update Product Dimensions and Package Type

The final step is to update your product dimensions and package type in the Fare Freight app. This crucial information allows the app to accurately calculate shipping costs and provide the best shipping options for your heavy items. Whether it's furniture, machinery, or other bulky products, Fare Freight is equipped to handle it all.

With these details in place, you're all set to ship heavy items with confidence, knowing that Fare Freight is optimizing every aspect of your shipping process.